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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Unusual (Free) Xmas Gift

I know someone who though now grown up, still likes to colour in.
I found and pinned a site with lots of links for free printable adult (as in complex patterns and intricate design, all "G" rated) colouring in designs.
I have chosen about ten pages and printed them and put them together for her very own colouring book.
There are complex Celtic designs, mandalas and angels and Christmas scenes.
Obviously she is not the only one with this penchant with literally hundreds of images to choose from.
Here is the link to the page of adult/teen colouring pages.
If you want to see what else I have pinned under "gift ideas" and maybe get some inspiration click here or on the pintrest tab at the top of the page.
Hope your gift list is coming together. Mine has taken a bit of a break. I went to sew up some children's aprons yesterday morning and the sewing machine is dead as a doornail. The man is hoping to have it back to me by tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed.


  1. Thanks Tanya, what a great idea!
    That pic you have up is just amazing and I'm off to have a look at the rest.

  2. Hi Tanya, if you dont get your sewing machine back - I can lend you mine or my overlocker (or both) if you need to!

  3. I remember as a child having these large poster size pictures like above with colouring pens. I NEVER finished them but I LOVEd to start them! They were from England from memory...

    Sewing machine dead - OH DEAR!!!

  4. Wow! Fantastic pictures. I have done the same before (for my kids) but one thing I did do, and you might consider it too if you have an inkjet printer, was photocopy them at a shop after I printed them. Inkjet printing smears if they colour in with felt tips (texters? in Aussie) and the toner of a proper photocopier doesn't.

    (And I'm ignoring your bit about the sewing machine as the thought just fills me with dread!)

  5. Fabulous Ideas :))
    I need to make a little book for my youngest GC,finish off a quilt (might happen) and a few more slippers, just in case :))
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog :))
    Happy Christmas to you all :))

  6. lovely pictures, amazing what you can find - just googled dragon xmas pics for my son and there they were.

  7. thanks for this usefull article, waiting for this article like this again.


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