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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Gift Comes Together

I happened across these melamine pieces for a few scant dollars.

Then I found these little cuties....

Which I thought would go just right in this vintage picnic basket.

Add a good book in an old early edition hard back.....

Hem an old blanket scrap from some friends fabric stash....
And you have a romantic vintage picnic set.
The first pieces were found in April and I have been gathering gradually all year as the right thing came along. It's unique, one of a kind and very cost effective.


  1. Now that is an awesome present Tanya, someone's in for a lovely surprize.

  2. What a lovely gift, so much thought and care put in. That picnic basket is simply the best!

  3. What a wonderful present, someone will be very pleased :)

  4. Very nice Tanya! A great present for someone.

  5. wow what fabulous finds I am sooo jealous the vintage thermos are wonderful and the melamine set is adorable, did you find them locally? I just never have such luck

  6. Wow that melamine set takes me back, that was our family set when I was a kid back in the 60s. I think either melamine was trendy or my parents used it so we couldn't break it! I will never forget that design! Thanks for you blog, I love reading it, Julia

  7. That's an amazing gift. So thoughtful.

  8. Hey Tanya, loooooove the melamine plates and cups, what a great find.

    Putting it altogether it looks great, who doesn't love a picnic.
    Perfect weather for one..........

    Claire :}

  9. Sweet! Somebody's going to be very happy with this lovely gift!


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