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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hand Towels For Christmas

We have already talked about some great gifts for gardeners like a load of manure or some bags of lucerne chaff or gardeners soap made from little bags of crocheted jute containing soap to hang from the garden tap.

The next thing I am working on is some hanging hand towels for the kitchen, so important because if they are available it means people won't use your tea towel.

I've been cutting up some vintage tea towel and table cloths. The recipient I know likes a dash of red in the kitchen.

Cool designs huh?

I source the towelling from the factory as off cuts because they are luxuriously thick for high traffic wiping and I can get good colours. I find darker colours are best because these towels get a lot of dirty hand wiping  action.

I just have to finish off with a button hole and sew on some buttons so they can hang from the oven door or a kitchen knob/hook.
I have a tutorial with pattern here.
The decorative possibilities are endless and you could look to Sweet Birdy Love for some decorative stitching inspiration like this or this
Alternatively, you could make them in the ever popular crochet tab top way.
A knit or crochet dish cloth in a coordinating colour would also be a thoughtful addition.
This is great for using up some of those smaller stash pieces and scraps too.


  1. These are the funkiest version of what I call granny hand towels that I've seen Tanya. I love that vintage t towel you used, but how you could bring yourself to cut into it I'll never know. I'm going to check out those tutes though because I have a few with holes that I just might be able to part with...they'd make lovely presents x

  2. Great idea Tanya, love the vintage fabric you used it looks great.
    i am definitely with you on using a darker colour..........

    I like to have both a teatowel and hand towel in the kitchen and the boys know very well which is for what use, hehe.......

    Must keep my eye out at the op shop for some vintagey tea towels and check out your tutorial.

    Thanks for the shout out,

    Claire :}

  3. I haven't thought about these towels in years and now that you've reminded me of them I think I know who would enjoy getting some for Christmas. I have no vintage linens to cut up but do have some funky floral print in my stash.

  4. Thanks for the nudge Tanya - I have lots of towel offcuts and vintage tablecloths/tea towels and have just been thinking of some quick gifts!
    And I think some of those gifts might just have to be for myself...... I love granny style hand towels and a fresh batch in the kitchen is just whats needed at this time of year!!

  5. Those handtowels are great and I will make some of those.

  6. I keep telling the boys in this house (that's including my husband) to make sure they wash all the dirt off their hands and not just wipe it on the towel!

  7. They're truly wonderful Tanya.

  8. My Nan has been gifting me the crochet top ones for years and I admit to taking a while to warm up to them but they are now indispensable. Your cotton top ones look fantastic, and I love that they use upcycled materials and offcuts.

  9. Lovely handtowels Tanya... the best thing is that they are handmade...

  10. Hi I've just come over from Kylies blog, lucy violet vintage, just thought I'd say hi....and I love these hand towels, such a clever idea
    Sophie x


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