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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suicide - Ed's Legacy

photo image by seaskylab on freedigital

There is something very special happening right on my doorstep.
There is a property halfway between Launceston and Perth (Tas) owned by a very dynamic and positive woman.
Her farm gate is right on the highway and last year motorists watched as a crop grew and grew on either side of the gates.
it grew taller and taller, until,
finally it revealed bright golden sunflowers.
A sea of tall waving happy faces of sunshine.
Then amazing messages of 
in very large letters at least 6' high stood further up the rise in the paddock.
This is Lydia's message she wants to share with everyone and get the topic of suicide out and into the open.
Lydia's son Ed and my daughter were born on the same day.
Tragically, Ed took his life in 2009.
Ed's family began the Nettlefold Foundation to help people cope with and understand depression. They also provide life changing experiences for young people.
Ed's Threads is a clothing range created in his memory and the proceeds assist the Nettlefold Foundation.

I contacted Lydia a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I do the growers market down the road and wondered if she had any seeds from last years flowers that I could sell to raise funds to go towards the Nettlefold Foundation.
In typical fashion Lydia has taken the idea and exploded with it and there are big plans....
for now I have seeds from those famous sunflowers and I would love to see them appearing randomly in people's yards; beside the letterbox, outside the kitchen window or in the middle of the rose bed.

The packets cost $3 each and all funds go directly to the Foundation.
They are ready for planting now in the Southern Hemisphere and like to be grown in full sun but protect the seedlings from snails in the initial weeks.
I will post these seeds free anywhere in the world till the end of the year and they can be purchased in my shop "Jubilee Jumble" (see the tab at the top of the page under the header).
Won't you help us spread the message of
and get people talking about suicide and depression.


  1. What a wonderful positive message in memory of Ed.
    I will definetely buy some Tanya (early next week at the same time as your soap) Maybe I can blog about it too?

  2. This is just the message that I have been needing to hear. I am dealing with how to handle my son's depression and how to get him help here in the US. I need to find an organization like this. The hardest part is even if you know what they should do, they have to make the choice to do it...that is the part that is hardest for me. Maybe I should plant some sunflowers next summer!

  3. i will buy some .those flowers will be also here in israel. i need to know how i can buy them.
    i am following your blog for a time and realy like it.

  4. A beautiful way to promote this very worthy cause Tanya.

  5. I am in! Can I take it off my deposit tab or would you like me to transfer?

  6. Hey Tanya, I have just purchased a packet of seeds and will be planting them out by my front gate as I have recently planted a bed with Sunflower seeds and they are already sprouting leaves.

    From such a tragic story a wonderful Foundation has sprung and such a worthy cause too.

    Claire X

  7. Would it be too late to plant at the end of the month? Can I get some off you at the next "Living for Less"? <3


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