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Thursday, November 10, 2011


A rare sight in my kitchen at the moment is a rack not in use.
This week I am drying;
stinging nettle
rose petals
calendula petals
rosemary and thyme soap
tallow and olive oil soap
lemon peel.

A reminder that there is more to preserving than freezing and bottling.
I employ my various cake racks and I have special racks fitted over the hot water cylinder. I also hang herbs from a hook in my dining room. Although I turn into a frenzied fly killer I also have domed food covers just in case, especially over the candied peel.
This apple season I plan to do some apple ring drying in my oven too after taking tips from Lee at Killiecrankie Farm last season.
What are you drying or what are your best tips?


  1. Alas no tips from me Tanya, but had to tell you how much I love the old cake rack in your photo.

    Please don't forget to email your details so I can buy some of your soap. Thanks x

  2. I dried all sorts of herbs late summer (Aug/Sept), along with yellow and red clover flowers to make herb tea. I had an abundance of a very mild oregano (mild enough to eat as salad greens) .. it makes the base of the tea along with mint. The flowers add a hint of flavor, color and hopefully vitamins. Wild rose hips get added as well.

    Just before we had our first hard freeze, I dug up a few small/med. rosemary, parsley, and celery plants, potted them and have them inside to use fresh .. hopefully most of the winter.

  3. make LOADS of apples Tanya - they never last :)

    I'm already drying oregano and marjoram before they flower - italian herbs for winter cooking.
    Tip - dry them fast to retain best colour.


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