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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Foods of the Tamar Region

Today I spent the day fulfilling an embroidery order and drinking sensational coffee at a new little spot at Beaconsfield just 30mins from Launceston. It is situated at "Tamar Valley Foods", a quaint and very original two-storey building on the left hand side as you come into the town of Beaconsfield. 
It is a light and airy space filled with glossy old timbers and hand hewn supporting beams. It has been many incarnations but it's present one is now as the purveyor of fine quality Tasmanian foods.

It is very pleasing to see coffee beans from local suppliers, Ritual Coffee, a company with true heart. Their motto is "fresh, seasonal and ethical" and I happen to know first hand how community minded these guys are.
If you are not a coffee drinker or feel like a fresh change....

The owner of Tamar Valley Foods, Jim, also has a line of teas that he personally blends and are branded under the name of Luce Teas.

From traditional black to some exotic herbal and spice blends.

Jim also stocks a range of wines, beers and ciders produced in the region. 
These beers are produced just around the corner from me in the Relbia/Evandale region. 
Recently Collette from ut si cafe made some sensational  Dutch Chocolate & "Stacks Bluff" (Van Dieman oatmeal stout) baby cakes with organic peanut butter & vanilla bean frosting. Sounds like a mouthful? But a pleasant one at that.

So much good produce from the region.....

Don't you just wish you lived here?

You can always order through the Tamar Valley Food site.
If you are a local or touring the area, do pop in and see what the region has to offer.
If you are looking for a good coffee the guest Barista, Craig, formerly of Lillypilly's on the Gold Coast is showing that he has certainly not lost his passion or excellence.
If you are a truly discerning coffee drinker, Ritual and Craig make a powerful combination.  


  1. Gorgeous photos... now I am hungry!

  2. I do wish I lived there.
    Allana (high maintenance hippy) wrote a delicious post about the ut si cafe today too...those baby cakes are calling my name, I can hear them from Perth!

  3. Yes, I am a a discerning coffee drinker unfortunately a little bit too far for my Saturday morning cuppa but it all looks lovely Tanya.

    We visited Beaconsfield when we were over in June, did I miss T.V.F or has it just opened? I can't believe that a wonderful business like this would've escaped my beady eyes. hehehe........

    Always on the lookout for lovely places to have a coffee.........

    Claire :}

  4. The store looks delightful, just my kind of place so of course I'm too far away to shop there. I'd love to sample some of those teas and the honey looks so different from what I'm used to. Now I'm hungry.

  5. Yes I do wish I lived there :0)
    Fabulous looking coffee and food.

  6. I think every area has beautifully grown local produce but your area is very good at marketing it for sure! I wish we all had a local shop to show our produce off in.


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