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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Gardeners' Gift Idea

Last Christmas I suggested a load of stable manure for a gardener's gift.
Here is my close second choice
A bag of cut Lucerne.

Last fortnight at the growers' market Nori brought a truckload of Lucerne to sell. I picked up a few bags and they have already come in handy for the chick nursery and I have been putting it around new seedlings.
It is packed full of nutrients for the garden and is a wonderful mulch.
These were $5 a bag and any gardener would love them.
So if you are struggling for gift ideas this year put this one down for the green thumbs in your family.

of course you could also pick up one of my Gardener's Soaps!


  1. There's nothing like a lovely big bag of manure for Chrissy! $5 for a bag of lucerne! It would be 4 times that here...easily.
    How do I buy your gardener's soap?

  2. what a fab idea to hang a soap on the nicely done too! thanks for sharing!

  3. I would love to recieve a bag of manure, or a big bag of lucerne hay... I love your gardeners soap on a 'rope' bag, very clever..

  4. Please tell me more about your gardeners soap, I am doing bath soap in a very similar crochet bag for Chrissy pressies, I love the idea of this one! Do you make it yourself?
    Also loving the Manure bags, with a bright red ribbon, What will they think, LOVE IT! :)

  5. Ooh, I purchased a couple of your Gardeners Soaps from You at Ut Si a few weeks ago - how exciting! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog - I'll certainly be returning to yours, looks right up my alley :)


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