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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Motivation For Housework

Very few people I know really enjoy housework but I'll tell you what gets me in the mood.
Firstly, I like to do it on my own. I like everybody out of the house. No other pulls on my time.
Secondly I have found that if I have the radio on I am more likely to potter about. Chosen music on the stereo is not as effective for me. I listen to City Park radio where I get a very broad variety of music, a bit of chitty chat and few advertisements. It's a community radio station run by volunteers.
Saturday afternoons is the best time for me to make pasta - when the Italian program is on of course!
Yesterday I worked 8hrs in my paid job but before I got there I had washed the floors and washed the ceilings and walls in the bathroom and hallway.
I don't know what it is about the radio but it puts me in a contented housework frame of mind. It could be that it triggers something like Pavlov's dog. I remember my grandmother in the outback always having the wireless on. 
When I sit myself down to prep vegetables or fruit for bottling and preserving, the radio keeps me company over those hours. 
So I can't sit here all day and I must go and turn my radio on. I sure hope after I wash another few walls that it will motivate me to sew that tea towel order I have waiting. 
So what gets you in the mood? What is your motivator? Is it lists? Is it pinning on the pinny?


  1. No music could EVER put me in the mood to wash walls. Maybe they're putting subliminal messages in the radiowaves.
    I do my best cleaning to Science Friday, an NPR program on Friday mornings. That's my day off and the content keeps my mind off the fact that I'm cleaning. Good stuff.

  2. I just like the sound of the kids playing next door and the traffic going past in the daytime..but at night, when my husband is away working I love the radio on. It blocks out the sound of creaks and night noises and soothes me to sleep again!

  3. I listen to talk radio host, Dave Ramsey, and get motivated to pay off debt. Sometimes it's a cd of soothing music. It does make the time seem more pleasant :)

  4. I work best with a list; ticking off the chores as they get completed...but maybe I should try having the radio on after reading the post and others' comments.

  5. Please tell me the washing of walls and ceilings is only a once in a blue moon event!
    I feel extremely inadequate now, because it would never even occur to me to do that (unless I was getting ready to paint them maybe).

  6. I'm not really sure. Probably the end result of a clean space. I like clean spaces. I just do a bit here and a bit there... but your post has put the idea in my mind that I really do need a pinny. For sure a pinny would make it more fun.

  7. Motivation music for housework is a must. I sometimes, occasionally, under duress, help my wife with housework stuff (not ironing, I draw the line at ironing) on weekends & I agree that music motivation is the only way to go. I haven't listened to City Park Radio for a long time. You have motivated me to tune in.


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