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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just How It Is Sometimes

Outside is cold and bleak....

Inside the prospects are even bleaker.....

Luckily I have two new books to kick me in the pants.
Surely Shannon Lush will get me motivated!
The "Perfect Preserves" book has some interesting recipes to ponder and plan for;
"Red Pepper Jelly"
"Oil Cured Mushrooms"
"Tarragon and Orange Jelly"
"Italian Vegetable Pickle"
After last weekend helping two daughters move house with an entire house and garden spring clean I deserve some feet up time. Besides, this is research for my next class.


  1. Hi Tanya, I tried the dynamic views but I like my sidebar and gadgets. Have a nice time reading/cleaning.

  2. Enjoy your 'feet up' time and just relax:0)

  3. I love Shannon Lush and her books. So many great tips and motivation. Go to it!


  4. Oh I have that second book... My dear hubby bought it for me after I did a bit of complaining about house work. It did not go down well to be honest!

    WHile I am "talking" to you. I have some chooky questions...

  5. I think I need to find that Shannon Lush book ... I am so over housework!!

  6. Well said, I groaned at the weather today & looked around my untamed mess inside & felt like neither!!

  7. looking forward to your next class, Hope you enjoyed your day of reading!

  8. just when you thought it was safe to put away the clothes airer . . . the preserves book is excellent . . . lemon curd mmmmmmm
    Lemons $1 bag at Rosevears . . . .

  9. Those lemon/limes you brought to our last market were amazing & are gone. Can you bring some more this week? X


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