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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suburban Jubilee Calendar 2012

It's fast approaching the end of the year and I have produced a calendar with the intent of buying a couple myself for gifts, especially the "hard to buy fors" and the "need to post tos".
They are available for anyone to purchase from Red Bubble for $26 so if you feel inclined please have a peruse HERE.

Little Jenny Wren also has her dolls calendar available here and it showcases some darling creations. In fact I think some of the images made into cards would be beautiful gifts too!


  1. Lovely calendar Tanya. I hadn't heard of Red Bubbles so checked them out. The last time we had calendars made was with Big W but I like the idea of a smaller concern getting our business.

  2. By jove you ARE a busy sort !
    Trust you and Jeny to think of something like that :)

  3. lHey Tanya, what a wonderful idea........checked out the photos and they're lovely....

    Claire :}


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