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Friday, October 21, 2011

Disappearing Bees

This too important for you not to read.
It is the continuing fall out from the effects of intensive cropping as seen in Food Inc.
This is the story of disappearing bees and colony collapse disorder.
Even if you can shrug and feel apathetic about the loss of our food pollinators, I would urge you to think and make the link to your own health and safety.
This is part of a chain and we are part of it.
Without further ado here is

Here is the link for "Food Inc" a must see for every household.
and the link about systemic pesticide (that's poison IN you food not ON your food)


  1. Oh I hear you!

    I have been thinking the last year wouldn't it be cool if I had a roof top hive. I can support bees and support my fruit trees/veggies... I have talked to a bee keeper who was encouraging but discouraging as the cost to have the hive 'serviced' and cared for was ginormous! Then I came across this

    If they can do it so can we. Just not sure how to start let alone have the brain space resources to...

  2. The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962).

    Can we really be getting this so wrong for so long !

  3. I must go to your link and have a read..thanks for passing it on!


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