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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soap Nuts

I forgot to tell you what was in these.
I gave all the recent class attendees a little packet of soap nuts.
Soap nuts are grown on a tree in the Himalayas and is a natural surfactant. I thought it would be a great introduction to alternative washing cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly and economical.
I bought these from Kussen and when I explained to Frances what we were doing, she kindly arranged a discount period on her products for the attendees too.

Soap nuts are used by tying 4 cases in a hanky or a sock or a piece of muslin and popping them into the wash. They will do four or five loads. When they go grey and mushy, they are thrown on the compost.
It was a new product to most of the group but one couple said they have had much better results by steeping the nuts in some boiling water and using the resulting liquid.
The soap nut bag also suggests a way to make a "soap" concentrate from them and more information can be found on the Kussen website.


  1. A friend of mine tried these and was not very impressed, so that's interesting about steeping them first.

  2. Never heard of them Tanya, very interesting........the pic makes them look like Rafaello? chocolates, yummy.

    I was wondering what was in the bags.........

    Claire :}

  3. Terrific looking bags and the contents looks delightful. What a wonderful product all round. That would make a great gift. Could you use them to wash your hands? Agree Claire, they do look like Rafaello. I wonder what they do taste like?

  4. Hi Tanya
    I would like to do one of your soap making courses.


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