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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Time For Everything

What a week!
Dr. M is putting in some big days which has me not finishing work till 7-7.30pm these days.

We kicked off the first Living Better With Less class at Exeter on Sunday and made soap.

Our darling Arthur had to be assisted in death by the vet.
Thank you so much for all your kind condolences and messages of hugs. I know that there are many of you who know the path of grief.
This is the last photo I took of him about 10mins before the vet arrived. 
Up until this point I had been massaging his shoulders and neck for about an hour but I pulled back to try to take a photo with my phone. We are on the floor in the back porch and he has pinned me with both his front paws asking for more. Glutton for affection to the end!
Puts his size into perspective doesn't it with my foot in shot too.

Then it was celebrating my other boss' big news with surprise champagne after the surgery.
Dr H is now an Ass. Professor and well deserved it is too.
Tasmania is very lucky to have him.

Then it was the first class at Perth making more soap.

Don't you just love my "drying basket" for curing the soap. It is an old fashioned vegetable hanger that I picked up from the tip shop and it is perfect. It was probably bright red once but is now faded to a soft salmon.

And then today up at 5am picking for the growers market.

I'm a bit pooped. So for now the feet are up.

I've done some more seed swapping

And dinner is going to be left over pasta and fresh herbs from the market.
Very easy and very fresh.
I've met some wonderful new people this week, celebrated exciting news, shared lots of inspiring ideas, received much loved, farewelled a dear friend and fed some families with some good wholesome food.
As a favourite old Australian saying goes;
"You wouldn't be dead for quids"


  1. That soap looks wonderful Tania, as I said before if I lived in the same Perth, I'd be there.
    So sad to read about your loyal doggy friend, but what a lovely goodbye, if only everyone was lucky enough to have a send off full of love and affection like his...
    Lastly, I must comment on that big jar of olives, they look delicious. Oh, and congrats to Dr H too.

  2. You are just amazing! I'm scrambling around, failing to blog, and really need to take a lesson from you in diligence and grace.
    Yeah. I'll add that on to my to do list! Next year, maybe?

  3. Hey tanya, you are putting some long days and then to be up at 5am on the weekend, you'll be a littler weary come Sunday night........

    our hanging basket full of soap looks great and your garden is certainly providing well for the growers market.

    Dear Arthur what a lovely, affectionate doggy, much loved.........

    Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Woke this morning thinking I was up nice and early and then realised with all the excitement of the AFL Grand Final yesterday we had forgotten to put all our clocks forward......ooops.

    Better wake the boys and get on with it, enjoy your day.

    Claire :}


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