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Friday, October 14, 2011

Money Is Not Everything

Yesterday I had to pick up some day old chicks from the freight company. When I arrived the courier was running late and they said it would be probably another hour.
I didn't want to waste petrol going home again coming back again so I started thinking of all the things I could do with an hour.
You know what the best thing you can do with an hour is?
Donate blood.
Because of changes to work schedules I kind of got out of the habit of giving blood every 3 months.
Boy there has been some changes....
You can donate whole blood or plasma and soon even platelets.
If you haven't given blood before or would like to find your nearest centre check out
Some people cannot donate blood but there are a lot of healthy people who can and there is a short questionnaire on the site if you are unsure. I think it is a privilege to give blood because it means I am one of the lucky ones.
There are some who don't like needles or are scared. I say to you this, I have experienced more pain burning my arm on the kettle or banging my knee on a door jamb....seriously. It is just a prick. If you feel scared about the sight of blood then ask yourself "am I scared at the sight of my urine or my saliva?" It's just another bodily fluid. 
Life saving fluid.
After enrolling and filling out a questionnaire and talking with a staff member here comes the other bonuses;
You get your blood pressure checked for free
Your haemoglobin checked for free
and a recline in one of the most expensive comfortable electric chairs.
Afterwards there is relax time in the lounge with a magazine and a FREE drink and some biscuits and cheese.
WIN/WIN situation I say and a good way to spend an hour.
The actual blood donating part only takes about 5-10 mins 
Here is an opportunity to give something of yourself to another.
Money isn't everything.
LOL, how to make even donating frugal!


  1. Hmmm, I havne't donated for ages. They don't let you when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. But my youngest is 4 now and weaned a couple years ago - no more excuses!

  2. I get turned down every time. It used to be for my extremely low blood pressure, but now it's because I stayed on a farm in England during the 1980s. I might be a mad cow!!!!!
    There are still ways to help out, though. Our local Red Cross needs volunteers to help people with forms, calling to remind people of appointments, escorting people to the "lounge," and serving snacks. None of those are scary, so ANYONE can help out!

  3. Well done Tanya, it's something I haven't done for a while either.
    Problem is, they changed the system here. Once upon a time you could just drop in and take a number but now you have to make an appt and if someone is giving plasma, because it takes alot longer they get priority.
    Still, it's a great thing to do, just means I have to be more organised and book an appt. rather than do it spurr of the moment.

    Claire :}

  4. I used to be a regular whole blood donor (for something like 25 years). Now I can only give plasma because I have Crohn's Disease, but I'm happy to do that once a month. You can donate plasma more frequently than whole blood, because they put the red cells back in after they extract the plasma. I think you can donate fortnightly. The down side is that it takes a lot longer - more than an hour - but I usually take a book to read. It's a good thing to do.

  5. Your blood donor sessions sound a lot posher than ours over here. The one I go to is held in the local sports centre in the main hall. We don't have expensive chairs, but beds which are pretty hard. A long table and chairs are set up in one corner for drinks and biscuits.

  6. OKay I dont have any excuses now...

  7. Hooray for you! Wonderful idea that will rattle around in my brain for a long time. Maybe it will even inspire me. I'm not afraid of pain or needles but I've always worried that the Blood Folks will sample my blood and say, "ah hem...Ms. Jones, you should see your doctor immediately."

  8. We used to all do it but the local one now is booked out and you can't get an appointment at all.


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