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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Angelica in my Vase

I visited a friend on Saturday and she sent me home with a massive bunch of Angelica.
I really haven't done it justice.
Not only is it elephantine stems of glossy emerald green leaves but also massive lime coloured flower heads like parsley seed heads on steroids.
The folklore and old tales surrounding Angelica are varied and charming.
It is said to have been given to mankind by an Angel as a cure for the plague.
Originating in Europe, it flowers on St Michael's day in May and is hence said to be named after the Arch-Angel.
All parts of the plant including the roots are medicinal but as with many herbs there are contraindications for diabetics and pregnant women so always check with a qualified Naturopath or Herbalist.
It has powerful antibacterial properties and is used for fevers, coughs, colds and rheumatic complaints and digestive disorders.
Perhaps we will turn back to Angelica one day when all our bugs have built resistance to our manufactured antibiotics.

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  1. Is that the same angelica used to decorate cakes Tanya? I remember in a vintage cook book cup cakes decorated with sugar violets and angelica, they looked so pretty and have always stayed in my mind...


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