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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Always Enough...

I am guilty of using the phrase 
"there's not enough" 
way too often.
When I want to plant more successive crops or flowers or herbs I always prove myself wrong and find somewhere. When I really look there is plenty of space "between".
It's a matter of changing my perspective.

Time...never enough time!
Depends on what for.
I seem to always find time for fun things so it must be perspective there too.
I have to take responsibility for time management myself and prioritise.
Do you remember the Disney cartoons when Goofy would have the angel-Goofy on one shoulder and the devil-Goofy on the other? The conscience and self desires would have back and forth conversations. 
That is what it is like in my head.
One voice is saying "just a little bit longer on the computer" and the other is saying "the carpets won't vacuum themselves"
If I didn't spend so much time procrastinating I would get twice as much done!
Priorities and perspective.
No-one can do it for you.
A phrase I like and tell myself often;

"If it's to be, It's up to me"

Coming up to market day every fortnight I think, there is nothing to sell, I have nothing in the garden, there is not enough.
But if I go to and harvest,
all of a sudden there is an abundance of food to share.
The same when it's dinner time;
there is not really anything for dinner but out I go and...
Some baby cabbage and a kohl rabi to shred, mixed with some salad greens, flowers and all.
Add in a couple of stalks of celery, parsley and vietnamese mint and chopped chives.
Dress with olive oil, soy sauce and lemon juice.
Scatter the top with purple chive petals and chopped hazelnuts....
Steam up some Blue Saphire potatoes...
Dinner from nothing....

Whether it's money, time or space....
sometimes we say "not enough" too readily.
Nearly always it's about perspective, priorities and problem solving.
So what else do you "not enough" about?
Your fabric stash
Your breaks at work....
Mind you there isn't such a thing as enough hugs or love. I can sure use plenty more.


  1. Oh finally I don't feel so alone, I'm always telling myself there isn't enough time, but really there is plenty of time. I'm just a poor time manager and a very good procrastinator.

    cheers Kate

  2. Oooo... I like that... if it's to be its up to me... that might become a bit of a mantra I think.

  3. Mmmmmmm I'm always feeling time poor Tanya.
    Not enough time to paint is the most common.
    I'm thinking a half day in he week would be wonderful as I work Saturdays.
    I know it's possible.

  4. Hey Tanya, this is sooooo true...........

    It's just the way we look at things.

    Quite agree with you about the hugs and love.

    Claire X

  5. I knowwwwww ! Always hope to sucessionally plant, but the weeds get there before me.

    my mizuna has flowers like that now too !
    and baby artichokes are ready to plant, i need some lessons on how to get those ready !


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