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Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome Home Basket

Two very dear friends moved back to Tassie after living in the far north for a couple of years. I wanted to welcome them home and celebrate the joy of having them back. In keeping with my dedication to frugality I came up with a hamper that didn't break the budget but maintained the genorosity of spirit.

The eggs of course are from our own chooks so I measured the top of an egg carton and cut some card to fit and gave one edge a bit of a scallop. I then stamped a label for the top of that and added some stitching. I had plenty of eggs to spare so I also made some homemade pasta attaching labels with raffia. I packaged the pasta in oven bags, mainly because more glass containers would have made the hamper very heavy. I find oven bags, which come in two sizes and are low cost, make a great alternative to celphane wrap. Ideally I would have included a jar or two of our own pasta sauce but it was late winter and we had already eaten our way through all the put up tomatoes.

I did include a bottle of pears and a bottle of plums which also came in handy for the newly arrived. We really take our store cupboards for granted and forget how long it takes to build them up.
Added to that were some co-ordinating tea towels and some beautiful soy melts for their oil burner to make their new home smell fresh and comforting.

This was all packed into a basket from the Op Shop that cost $1.00.


  1. What a wonderful gift. I have recently been purchasing baskets at thrift stores when I see them for just this same purpose.

  2. A great gift and they must have really appreciated it :0)

  3. HI Tanya!

    Wow nice to meet you - I had noticed you were in my followers but had not been able to link you to a blog till I saw your comment - hip hip horrah! Another Tassie (yay). Wow what a great blog of ideas and inspiration.

    I will be taking my iron to the fix it man tomorrow. Been trying to clean the drawing off to save face but do you think I can!!!!!!


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