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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buff and Puff

Everyone always says, "we must catch up for coffee" and how many times do we let opportunities and catch ups pass us by. Has the phrase lost any true meaning or intention and just become a banal platitude?

I have some very dear friends and parroting the above phrase simply will not do! Nor will it ensure that we will catch up in some near future.

Instead I like to organise a "Buff and Puff". This can be a group thing or a one on one thing. We throw our face creams, masks, foot creams, nail polish, get the idea....into a bucket (thats for our feet) and meet at someone's house for our own personal day spa! You get to catch up and give yourself some important me time too. Its a great way to swap and try out different products. Perfect! Feet in a bucket or a mask on the face and you are obliged to relax for half an hour and have a wonderful catch up.

Sometimes we make it a particular theme like; toenails, or hands. We tend to go with the whole theme of a day spa and treat ourselves to an exotic juice or fruit platter and refreshing sparkling mineral water. Oh and don't we feel soooo much better for it.

Why not put the Buff and Puff on your calender once a month

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