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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bottling in Earnest

I have bottled 8 x #31 jars of blueberries and left another kilo and a half fresh for chutney tomorrow and also for some Blueberry with Lime and Coriander Jam that I found on Saving the Season. Sounds wonderful doesn't it.

I've also bottled a couple of jars of beans using the half vinegar half water method. The colour looks good but not sure how they will taste for casseroles in winter. I plan to rinse well before use, maybe soak??? Would love any comment from anyone who has tried it this way.

I've also done 6 bottles so far of plain tomatoes with some basil.The colours look great and we can't get enough of these through the winter, especially with the homemade pasta that I make in Autumn to "preserve" eggs before the chooks go off the lay.

This year I have tried bottling some zucchini soup and some button squash and corn soup. I have processed once and then again a second time 48hrs later. I will be monitoring these closely for any signs of bubbling but they are looking good.

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