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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graduation to the Big Yard

The chickens are 5 weeks old now and have most of their primary feathers. They have graduated to their own section of the fowl yard. They still have a light 24/7 for warmth and security and are able to see the other fowl now but are segregated for their own protection. They are too little to endure hen pecking yet!

They are going through a 2lt icecream bucket measure of chicken crumble each day and are very enthusiastic about kale and silverbeet. They go NUTS for raspberries and corn cobs. It's like candy to the chickens.

The dogs have sat watching the chickens for hours on end and would dearly love to get hold of these new play toys. Remembering that poodles were originally pond dogs for bird retrieval in Germany. They adore feathers and are very soft mouthed dogs naturally and instinctively are attracted to the fowl.


  1. Great picture of the dogs. Don't you just love poodles. We love our dearly. I didn't know that they were originally pond dogs, is that just for the standards?

  2. Hi Diane, yes originally there was only the standard. Some were clipped so the water didn't way them down too much but was left around their joints and kidney areas etc for insulation. This became fashionably attractive and the dogs were so beloved of the French fashion set, they were then bred smaller as lap dogs. Hence the toys and the minis and even today, though they have bred for hundreds of years, the toys and the minis are more likely to suffer joint problems. I love living with my poodles, I don't have to tell you how intelligent they can be. I am so dismayed that many backyarders are breeding them willy-nilly with other dogs and then calling the result "allergy friendly designer dog".


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