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Friday, February 12, 2010

Mitring Corners- Tutorial

I haven't just been cooking this week, I have also been making a set of place mats and napkins for some dear friends from some old vintage fabrics and buttons that I have sourced from thrift shops and markets. It took me ages to get the hang of mitred corners so here is my version.

If this were your fabric and you were hemming with a double turn over and machine stitching, then these would be your fabric fold lines. I cut a square from each corner just inside the fold line marks. This reduces bulk to stitch through.

Fold the fabric cut edge along the innermost fold line as shown.

Next make the first fold up.

Now stitch along the fabric closer to the inner edge so that it sits well. I find this gives me a neat fray resistant edge and a flat mitred corner without the bulk (and broken needles).


  1. Thanks Tanya, that is a good way of doing mitres. It is different to mine and a lot easier.

  2. Hi tanya..excellent tute..i never get my corners right..thanks I'm saving this...Hi Debbie nice to see you too

  3. Thanks for your advice about my baking supplies. Your blog has been very helpful.

  4. I *KNEW* I had seen this somewhere! This is what I was trying to do on my first go-round of napkins--the go-round that sent me into conniptions.
    Hmmmm. Maybe I can screw up the courage to try again based on your excellent tutelage.


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