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Monday, February 1, 2010

Poodle Picnic

Happy 5th Birthday Poodles!

Bella and Lucy were adopted from the RSPCA when they were 6months old. They had been voluntarily surrendered by their owner, unable to cope with these two mischievous puppies that kept growing bigger and bigger. I suspect she thought a Standard Poodle was small. Thankfully a lot of their previous history was supplied by this lady, so we knew their approx birthday (later we found out it was Australia Day, 26th January) and where and from whom they had been bred.

My eldest daughter was walking Lucy along the road not long after we adopted the girls and a car driving by suddenly stopped. A woman jumped out excitedly and it was soon established that she also had purchased a pup from this very same litter and in fact had Lucy and Bella's brother Beau in the car. This lady wrote down her name and phone number. giving it to my daughter in case I had any questions about raising poodles as she had had them before.

Thank goodness she offered this hand of friendship! I didn't know the first thing about poodles. Something very special has come of this simple gesture and we now find ourselves very firm friends and feel we have been blessed to find these friends. Beau's Mum (co-incidentally we share the same last name too) also knew the other lady who had bought another brother from the litter, Charlie. These two women have been a wealth of information that has grown to encompass my everyday life as well, sharing advice and wisdom from recipes to relationships.

We get together about once every six weeks and have "poodle picnics" at Kelso beach where the dogs run for miles and we beach comb chatting and collecting shells, then it's a wonderful shared lunch that is a sumptuous smorgasbord.

I love this extention of our family and feel humbled by it's serendipitous beginnings. Now they are 5 yrs old and we have all grown.

Take the chance and be open minded about the serendipity that may cross your path. Treasure each moment you have together. Most importantly, don't talk about catching up...DO IT.

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