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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fridge List

I'm a visual person. If I'm going somewhere I like to see the map. If I'm planning a re-construction, I like to have a drawn up diagram or plan. When I've got so much I HAVE to do conflicting with the many things I WANT to do, then I need a list to maintain focus.
I LOVE crossing off lists.
A few years ago I bought a set of whiteboard pens and eraser and figured that my fridge was really a big whiteboard and always "right under my nose". My fridge is quite old so it didn't take a huge leap of faith to write on it. How much could I hurt it really? Every so often I give it a good wipe over with some bi-carb on a soft cloth and it comes up beautifully white and seems to be no harm done.

We write up our shopping needs and errands so that there is no going to the shop especially. We are a lot more organised and take care of needs and errands as we go saving time and petrol (part of my one million women commitment). I write up my jobs all the time so I maintain focus and can see my achievements at the end of the day/week. We write phone messages, party dates and even recipes.

Best of all....sometimes I come out to the kitchen all sleepy in the morning and the first thing I see is a message of love from Craig.


  1. What a great idea Tanya, might have to try this myself, and what a sweet husband you have.


  2. I have been doing the same for years but I stuck a piece of clear contact on the fridge first, then write on that. I write shopping list, things to do, phone numbers, appointments and phone messages etc. Save on paper everywhere and it can't get paper :0)

  3. Great idea Debbie. Made me smile imagining my daughter's face if I said I was going to put contact on the fridge....every year was a HUGE chore for me covering school books. It's the same as scones...some people just make them and others agonise and never seem to have a successful result. That's me and contact! Oh the shame and all the OTHER mothers seemed to be able to do it.


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