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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magenta Landscaping

What a gorgeous lunar landscape....
No it's my Blueberry Jam with Corriander and Lime from Saving the Season Blog. It is not something I would have thought to do with jam but let me tell you it is truely sublime. Two partners that have lent subtle piquancy to the blueberries. This is a great one for the present giving list.

Tonight I also made the Blueberry and Red Pepper Chutney recipe found on eHow
For the dried fruit I had on hand dried cranberries and some seedless raisins. A very "woody" fragrance to this chutney with the nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and cloves.

Guess who needs to go picking again! I usually go picking twice in the season anyway because I can't get enough. I'm loving them on my Weetbix in the mornings too.

Tomorrow Craig and I go to Hobart to visit my two daughters. They have put in an order for a big bowl of Tabbouleh that will have to wait till morning. Need to get to bed for my day job!

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  1. The colour in the jam is amazing and the blend of those flavours delicious.


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