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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Fowler's Pot

This is my dear old Fowler's Vacola bottling (canning) outfit. It dates to approximately the 1950's and is currently chugging away on the stove right now doing tomatoes and beans (in seperate bottles). The funny protruding bit on the side is a little well that holds the thermometer safely allowing me to easily view the temperature. Its the typical 50's green with a bit of wear and tear and has an inbuilt bottle stand hinged in the bottom of the pot to keep the bottles from standing directly on the bottom. It was a little rusty inside when I inherited it, so
it was scrubbed and then coated with mutton fat, as was done in the old days.


  1. I love the old bottling pot....look after it.
    it must be quiet a few years old by the look of it.

  2. How do you get around the hole in the side? I've got one (in 1970s orange) & have only used it for fairly small bottles because of the hole where the thermometer goes.

  3. Hi Toria,

    with these models the bottles are not meant to be completely covered with water but rather "three parts up the sides of the bottles" (25th revised edition). I feel that this is adequate for sterilisation (for high acid foods) today given that a standard hold temperature is at minimum 45mins at 92degC and the contents are still at a good steady boil inside the jar even 15mins after cutting the heat. Our son has the 70's orange model too. Its so cheery bright isn't it.

  4. Hi Tanya, I wonder if you can help me? A number of years ago, I inherited a stove top Fowlers Vacola bottling outfit, just like yours, from my mother-in-law. Well, I put it away in the shed waiting for the day, my husband and I would retire to our country property and plum trees and I would have the time to 'bottle up'. That time has now arrived, the plum trees are loaded and I have pulled out my old fowler pot, scrubbed and cleaned it, collected my jars, seals and lids; ready to go. Disaster!! No instruction book and my mother-in-law passed away last year - hence no clues. Despite looking on the net for instructions for a stove top unit, (plenty for the new electric version) I have had no success. I am terrified of blowing up my kitchen and myself and my husband, or poisoning both us if I don't do this right. Can you help with instructions to bottle plums or just the basics of using the unit. thanking you, Aluka


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