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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sneaking up on Roosters

Remember these little darlings?
They are were born begining of February. Out of the 21 chicks we have ended up with 15 roosters!
And they are starting to crow. There has been some calling of sorts that sounds like a peacock for a while now but usually at a decent hour and almost charming in a way...
But it's a little more authentic sounding this week and at the start of dawn too.
At first crow we've been jumping out of bed and throwing feed to keep them busy till a more decent hour but this can't go on. The time has come.

So yesterday afternoon we chose two who we thought looked the most mature...
We had a beautiful roast chicken dinner last night.

I woke this morning to another adolescent crowing. So I decided to try to sneak up and see WHO was crowing but it's not so easy. They all kept watch with such intent interest and nobody said a thing.

So I went behind the cubby house and hid for a good while (I'm in my pajamas and Blundstone boots and it's a bit cool mind), ready to spring out and identify the male and tag his leg with a ribbon of red.
It turns out that roosters know how to play possum! So I threw some more feed and stomped back inside.
Tomorrow afternoon another two....


  1. Wow, thought we had it rough with 3 out of 4 chickens being roosters....they are all sitting in the freezer now, they taste so much better than the bought chickens. My 14 year old son won't eat them though which is disappointing.

    My mum makes a delicious tasting apricot chicken with hers. I think she pressure cooks the chicken first.

    Have a great day,

  2. Your post brought a smile to my face imagining you in your PJs and boots sneaking up on roosters early in the morning!

  3. A good lesson on where chicken meat comes from. I love it! I hope you have a few more good Sunday chicken dinners soon before the remainder start crowing:)

  4. This post was so entertaining to me imagining you sneaking up on them in your pj's and some boots :D I think it's so cool to raise your own food.


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