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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foot Detox Patches

Has anyone tried foot detox patches?

This is not an advertisement I'm wanting feedback from anyone in the know...
The theory is that with all the chemicals and toxins in our environment today, our bodies cannot fully be cleansed of them and that they are carried to the part furtherest from our hearts - our feet.
The patches work on the same principle as poultices.
It's advised that they are worn over night while in bed and peeled off in the morning.
The patches themselves contain amongst other things;
ionic tourmaline minerals • chitosan • vitamin C • ginger • eucalyptus leaf • powdered pear shell • starch • tree sap vinegar • bamboo sap vinegar.
At the beginning of the process the patches come away the next day black/brown/greenish and sticky.
Apparently after some time, depending on toxicity levels, they will be less wet and discoloured. Make no mistake, it's not your body leaching black stuff, that's just the moisture from your feet mixing with the ingredients.
I was all prepared to be a total sceptic about this but I'm not so sure now. My feet are notoriously sad and broken from years in retailing (so I thought....maybe they are just toxic) but I have noticed that I am less prone to hobbling and wearing shoes like I haven't been able to for years.
Body de-tox?....I'm not so sure yet ...
and I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with these?


  1. Oooo....great question! I've thought about these things for myself. I can't wait to read people's answers and experiences.

  2. I've never heard of them, I have a problem with my feet so this could be a solution....

  3. Dr. Oz mentioned them on one of his shoes and said to not spend your money on them.


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