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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have finally worked out what I wanted to do with this design going around in my head.
It was inspired by a really cute 1950s caravan belonging to the Vintage Housewife. It is divine and vintage perfect down to the very last detail in poodle pink. Her blog is really something else and a must see for vintage homewares and fashion.
This is part 1, I am now working on a Vespa to go in the series.

I also put my "Inspiration Packs" into my etsy shop.

These have been popular at Markets for those wanting to make something new and outside their usual "box"
A few of my customers for these have been children too.
They contain a blank card and envelope and bits and pieces of card and paper scraps with ribbon, feathers, buttons, lace and genuine vintage emphemera pieces for co-ordinated collage work.
All you need is glue.

I am crotcheting a dishcloth in yellow to go with the tea towel above and I'm half way through my "knit with me square 4". I'm really starting to understand what my grandmother and mother meant about "not being able to see in this light". Good daylight is so precious to me now and dash old work gets in the way a bit!
I'm a big advocater of take the time for your crafting now for tomorrow you might have arthritis and cataracts! So many of us feel that we are being self indulgent when doing our crafts and have a certain amount of guilt attached to sitting and knitting etc instead of recognising it as another part of our homemaking work. I really like Rhonda's take on this subject at her blog Down-to-Earth. This is the link to her post about

Hope you all have a wonderful and crafty weekend.


  1. Everything you make is wonderful. I know I have said it before but you are such a creative person.

  2. Love the teatowels!
    I always do what work needs doing around here first then I doing whatever craft I feel like.
    I then don't feel guilt at all :0)

  3. oh i love those caravans!
    and I also like a good dose of anti-guilt for crafting - a little weight was lifted off my shoulders

  4. Hi Tanya,

    Those packs are a GREAT idea - good thinking. Thank you for your extra thoughts re the flowers I made - I am thinking maybe if I fuse both sides of the fabric together this will help stiffen it up long term (what do you think?) - the felt idea is good but then it will be almost so similar to other felt things out there (I am really trying to stear away from what is out there now)...

    I could not find a way to email you personally as your comment was no reply and I cannot find one here so left a note on this post.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. What a lovely blog, found you searching Mariner shells - think I saw/had some as a child. I love your embroidery too! Thanks

    1. Thank you so much, it is always a thrill to get comments but especially nice on old posts sometimes forgotten.


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