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Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Search of Ghosts

Port Arthur penal colony, established in 1830 as a male prison for criminals transported from the British Empire, operated for forty-seven years till 1877. The entire colony had to be self sufficient and create it's own infrastructure and was built on convict labour. The site also housed various free people such as; medical officers, parsons, families of officers etc.
It is a tranquil yet eerie place, entirely fascinating and requires a whole day to tour. The Isle of the Dead, an island upon which everyone was buried, is not to be missed.

By night they have ghost tours and all eight of us went on last Saturday night. Matthew was dying to take some photos to see if he could capture some ghosts but flash photography wasn't allowed. It was very entertaining and it was good to get yet another glimpse into the lives of Port Arthur. It was worth the tour just
to see the church and the old hospital lit up at night.

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  1. Visiting during the day would be great but I think I would pass on the ghost tour. lol


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