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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knit With Me 6

Farrow Rib

This week we are doing farrow rib. A very easy pattern that produces a lovely texture (and I'm betting it would hide a multitude of knitting sins too)
It's knit over a multiple of three stitches, I'm casting on 42.

Row 1: *K2, P1*
Row 2:  As row 1

Told you it was easy! But it looks impressive doesn't it.
I loved last week's stitch, "caterpillar horizontal" a very easy restful stitch after that week 4 "oblique rib" which I really needed to count and keep my mind on. They are good to do though because I think scientists are going to say one day that knitting patterns are an effective brain exercise for combating Alzheimer's (like crosswords)
I wonder if they have thought of including knitters in one of their studies?
 I would be grateful if any scientists out there could pass this suggestion on.


  1. Hi Tanya...
    Am absolutely loving these blocks particularly now as i have broken a bone in my foot and am in cast.
    I too loved last weeks block.
    this one looks full of promise and good fun.
    Thanks again for posting.
    Julie Marchetti (marchett at bigpond dot net dot au)

  2. Oh, I want to do this one, it looks fun! Thanks.


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