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Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Ribbons

This song and clip sums up our Sunday perfectly and I hope you will click on this link and enjoy it

We started the day with omelette made from our garden produce and listened to some Jon English songs. I always like to finish with my favourite,"Six Ribbons".
We then went to Evandale Market and met up with Craig's son and girlfriend. The day was quite chilled and the clouds were ominous and it had kept a lot of stall holders away so we enjoyed a quiet amble rather than the usual busy crowd crush.
We were very poor and had decided that today we had $9.60 disposable income between us and that I could spend $4.80 on whatever I liked or buy a coffee. I found a bag of Duplo for $4 but I dithered and it was quickly sold. I also found some beutiful second hand linen tea towels that I would love to repurpose for heat pads etc. They were $2 each but I reasoned that I already had too many incomplete projects.
So it was coffee after all.

We drove over to Perth (the next "village") and had a beautiful coffee together at Ut si sitting in the sun and the cold wind, feeling cosy in my scarf that my mother had knit for my birthday last year. Collette, who owns Ut si, a repurposed church, is of French decent and has given a decided French Flair to her establishment, including the garden. They source only seasonal and ethical food and if you click on the link above you can learn more about their ethos.
So after a delicious coffee it was home to an afternoon of embroidery, bread baking, bean harvesting. The chooks loved the old bean vines to go through and little sap sucking insects to devour. I harvested all the basil and painstaking washed it and combed through it for caterpillars etc (we are organic) and then froze it in water blocks for the winter when we will be pining for the fresh herbal hit of basil. I think we will get a frost soon.
A gentle day of fresh winds, cash poor but feeling blessed by abundance in so many things. Grateful for family and a wonderful partner who provide the threads in my rich tapestry.
I give you six ribbons.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day to me. :)

  2. I have to smile. I have just been trying to play Six Ribbons on the piano. I am sure I massacred it beyond belief but it was fun and it made me think.

  3. Ahhhh someone who has felt my heart. So wish I could play the piano, I'ld even settle for massacre level.


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