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Friday, April 9, 2010

Knit With Me 3

seed stitch simple

The next pattern is seed stitch simple. The single purl stitch on the right side of a stocking stitch is what gives this pattern a subtle smattering of dots. It's very simple.
Using multiples of 4, I've chosen to cast on 40 stitches.
Row 1: *K3, P1*
Row 2 and alt rows: P
Row 3 and 7: K
Row 5: K1, *P1, K3*, P1, K2

These 7 rows form the pattern, keep going till you have a square.
Mine is in another shade of blue this week.


  1. Very simple stitch but looks your have a pattern book with all these patterns listed in it.I have one that has heaps including lace and cable paterns, I have had it about 30+ years and it is great to do a different pattern every now and then.

  2. Yes all from a book that has 800 stitches. I have the picture and info on the book in the first Knit with me post. It's probably the same as yours.

  3. I am loving your squares!!

  4. I love this stitch, it is so pretty, but so simple to do. It's one of the ones I did a fair number of for my rug.

    You asked previously how I was joining them - I left long starts & finishes at each end & am using that yarn to join them. Right sides together & that standard joining stitch (don't know if it has a name). I'm slowly getting there.

  5. Oh I like this stitch can't wait to try it.


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