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Thursday, May 3, 2012

This Caught My Imagination This Week...

A great idea
Re-purposed feed bags made by Holly at Calico Bush and she has lots of designs that she sells on her Etsy store. Also on this blog she takes us through the process of making buttons from horn. Fascinating.

Susan from Homeroad 
will show you how she takes an ordinary basket/tray (that I probably wouldn't have given a second look at) and uses chalk paint and a really cool image transfer technique to create something utterly charming.
Transforming the ordinary to charming is a frequent event on this blog. 

This play mat made by Sally at virtu 
has really inspired me. It folds up to become a bag and carry a few little toys to go with the mat and is totally portable for impromptu distraction/playtime for little ones. Sally has made one side water resistant so it is great for shady grassed areas. I think this would also be useful in waiting rooms etc. You could make a couple and change the themes; zoo, farm...

"Don't Judge Me: Replacing the Dandelions" by Pumpkin, Pie, Painter 
is another masterpiece of analogy and had me thinking on so many levels. A very thought provoking piece that has put me back in my box. I am often amazed by the stories her gentle words spin and how they relate to life. A skilful parable teller indeed.

A Give Away
"One Magic Square" 
I just know dozens of people who would love to win this well known book by Lolo Houbein.

I hope you find something to catch your imagination too on one of these blogs and don't be shy about saying "hi" to the writers if you like what you see and do tell them I sent you, it's nice for them to know that their talents are appreciated.
Have a good week and good luck with the give away.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting The Calico Bush blogand mentioning it in your blog. It has been an adventure discovering what I can recycle and make new. And amazingly enough,the last couple times I used the belt grinder, I didn't loose any skin in the process. LOL


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