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Monday, May 21, 2012

Feet Up

I'm bragging big time.....
My first pair of socks.
Thanks so much to Nancy at Wyoming Breezes Blog for being so kind to email me her "go to socks" pattern. You are so right Nancy, they are a good fit and I think they will be my go to as well.
I used one of those multi-coloured balls especially for socks so that it makes it look like you have been skilfully doing the argyle thing. 
I am saving them for Wednesday when I go to the Dr about my feet, that way I will have something purty to wear on them.

Want to know what else I've been doing with my feet....

Getting a skein of hand dyed sock wool into a ball to make my next pair since the first experiment worked so well. I bought this wool from Oatlands Handmade and I can't wait to see it knit up.

Hurry home shearer, this is not the easiest way to wind wool. I need to buy one of those thing-a-myes like

 Rhonda found!


  1. Well, you are very clever! I think anyone that can knit a pair of socks is clever!! I'm still getting around to working on mine again....... sigh.... it's a long winded process....

  2. I have only done socks for the little man... I do have LOTS left over... Did you have much sock wool left over? Wonder if i will have enough to do myself a pair. Maybe if I dont make it so long I might?

    Are you able to share the pattern with me? I have tried another for me and it totally lost me (grrrr)

  3. Awesome socks Tanya.......I've just finished knitting a wee toadstool, hehe!!

    Maybe I'm ready to try a pair of socks, I've had the wool sitting in my cupboard for years....
    I'm sure you'll get plenty of wear out of them.

    Claire x

  4. Overcome with envy . I can only knit scarves .
    But I can hold wool to be wound .... I used to do it for hours for my grandmother . I wonder what she would have thought of your DIY solution ?

  5. wow, those socks look sooooo cosy!!

  6. Great-looking socks. I'm glad you like the pattern,too.

  7. Great socks Tanya and now you will be addicted to knitting socks. They are so warm on your feet and last so much longer than bought ones. I wind wool like that too:0) a wool winder would come in very handy.

  8. Great socks Tanya.
    Lovely wool.

  9. Those socks look fantastic. I've been thinking of knitting some too. Maybe in possum wool which is very warm. The hand-dyed wool looks great too. Happy Knitting!

  10. Well done on your socks! It's a great achievement.


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