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Monday, May 28, 2012

Buff and Puff Afternoon

How often do you and your friends say "we must catch up for coffee soon" and somehow we never quite make the time?
Craig was due home next week and I was determined to have some girlfriend catch up time and pay some attention to a few neglected bits and bobs before he arrived.
So I sent out the invitation for a "Buff and Puff" afternoon and set aside two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

The girls were told to BYO bucket for foot soaking and I gathered a stack of towels, hand towels and face washers.

I keep telling my Avon lady that I am too allergic for a lot of cosmetics but she keeps leaving me samples Bless her so I piled those on the table for people to take home as freebies.
I got out my stash of foot products and face masks and we "Satin Hands" our feet and hands.

Toenails were painted and masks were applied. 
Soda water and white wine spritzers and a simple cheese platter added to our afternoon of leisure and luxury.
We talked families, politics, society, food and gardening.
Everyone agreed how wonderful and relaxing an afternoon like that was and we vow to do it again soon.
It was a really simple afternoon and I hope you will give it a try with some of your special friends too. 

The best news of all....
Craig took me completely by surprise and walked through the door Sunday morning at 8am. For those not in the know, Craig has been working away from home since the beginning of the year. He had me totally fooled, tricking me into thinking I wouldn't see him till at least the next week. It was a perfect surprise and a perfect weekend.


  1. what a fabulous idea, i am so doing this with girlfriends love it!

  2. Sometimes it can seem like a real effort to go out and make time to just be with friends. Then when I make the effort I realise how valuable that time is to sanity and inner strength.

  3. Fabulous sounding Saturday and LOVELY surprise!!!

  4. What a great idea Tanya.
    So happy for you having Craig home.

  5. Hey Tanya, what a great way to catch up with friends.........and as for Craig surprising you!!

    Is Craig home for good or just a break?

    Claire x


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