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Monday, May 7, 2012

Porridge With Figs

Cold autumn mornings, dew dripping leaves and hills wreathed in fog beg for warming, comforting porridge.
I am embracing the Nourishing Traditions method 
and then making it my own with sweet morsels of fig from my small tree.
The seeds adding crunchy grittiness to the creamy oats
and just a wee drizzle of syrup.

My little tree isn't producing a "glut" yet but there are plenty to enjoy seasonally and share with the chooks too, they LOVE them.

For a packed work lunch snack, try yoghurt, figs and Brazil nuts, easily get you through the hunger zone before dinner.

Figs go with;
nuts, prosciutto, soft cheeses, honey, ham, salad greens 
and more, but these are a few of my favourite things.


  1. Looks so yummy Tanya!
    I have seen some huge fig trees in Launceston. They must be very old.

  2. Porridge, yeeeeees......was thinking it's time to crack out the rolled oats.....

    I was trying to figure out what your photo was Tanya, I did think soup with chicken? boy was I wrong......Sadly, I'm not a big fan of figs but it does looks soooo yummy and the Nourishing Traditions book sounds so interesting.......

    Yoghurt, figs and brazil nuts sounds like a great snack too....I'm sure I could be tempted......

    Has been quite chilly here....

    Autumn, season of mist and mellow it...

    Claire X

  3. Your porridge looks delicious Tanya.

  4. I love figs and I love porridge.
    I clicked your link to Nourishing Traditions and now I want to read and learn MORE. So much so, I'm seriously thinking of attending Sally Fallon's lecture when she comes to Perth. Thanks Tania.

    p.s.hope you're well btw x

  5. I have fig balsamic vinegar that gives a wonderful little splash of intense flavor. How great you have a little tree and can sample its fruit as the tree matures.


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