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Sunday, May 20, 2012

In The Looking Glass

"But then, shall I never get any older than I am now? That'll be a comfort, one way -- never to be an old woman -- but then -- always to have lessons to learn!"
             Alice - "Alice In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

A funny thing happened to me today.
I saw myself quite clearly.
I'm not talking about grand enlightenment.
I mean I saw myself very clearly.....

After arriving home I came inside, stepped into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and thought,
"Oh that's disappointing! My make-up has not lasted it's usual dewy freshness today"
But you see I had on my new glasses for distance vision.
I was actually seeing myself clearly!!!

I have tried to re-create the horrible/hysterical moment for you with edits to a photo.
I looked....
slid my glasses down my nose.....
pushed them back on....
lifted them and peered.....
placed them back down again....

I burst into hysterical laughter. 
My eye sight has been going ever so subtly and I have been heading out the door every day thinking I look glowing and dewy fresh.
It gives me the giggles every time I think about it!
Well ignorance is bliss and I am going to continue to look at myself only with my glasses off. The upside is that if I am looking at you without my glasses on.....
you look dew fresh too!!!
Now, go into the bathroom right now and try it yourself if you wear glasses for distance and see how funny it is. I've been laughing at my vain inglorious self all day.


  1. love it Tanya :)

    I think you look just fine, a real person.

    cheers Kate

  2. Hey Tanya, glasses on, off, near or far you still look lovely.

    Dewy fresh or not so, we all know beauty is only skin deep and what's inside a person is all that matters.
    Well, that's what I will continue to tell myself as I age, hehe......

    Claire x

  3. Last time I went for new glasses I told the young woman serving me that I look 10 years younger without my glasses. She didn't understand that I meant when I look into the mirror without my glasses on it's all just blurry enough to rub out the wrinkles and even out the skin tone.

  4. Yes I agree:0) I do my makeup and then put my glasses on ...... might just leave them off. You look fine I can assure you.

  5. I don't like myself in glasses and used to think I looked so much nicer without them. For years I used to just wear them for driving and watching TV and would whip them off as soon as I stopped the car or if someone came round to the house.
    Then one day it suddenly dawned on me that I probably looked better without glasses because without them on, I couldn't see myself as well!

  6. What a giggle! But you're beautiful either way!


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