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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living Better Group

The Living Better With Less course finished up last month but the attendees all wanted to continue and wanted more....
So "more" is going to take the form of an informal group still meeting up on the last Thursday night of the month where we continue to talk and teach each other about ways to live better with less;
less chemicals, less money and less stuff.

Living simply, locally and seasonally is key to achieving a better lifestyle that embraces family and community and offers health and well being not only in body but mind as well.

This non-profit interest group is open to anyone and offers a sharing of ideas and skills;
gardening seasonally and sustainably, home making, food preserving and more.
If you live locally please come along to the Cock and Bull Pub  ( the Workers Club) in Launceston. 
We'll be there from 7-9pm on the 31st May.
If you don't live locally,
why not form a group in your area and start supporting and learning from each other.
It's amazing the diversity of skills and knowledge that you get from a group like this.

If you would like more information about the group or would like to register your interest for the next course please email me through my profile link above right.


  1. I would love to start a group here thanks for the inspiration !

  2. I would love to start a group here thanks for the inspiration !

  3. I would love to come along to this group. Are you meeting this month? I need a little inspiration x

  4. Sounds great Tanya.
    Great idea.

  5. A great idea and I would love to come if I lived a little closer:0)


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