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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Youth Depression and Suicide

"You're a rock, Tanya. You're solid, consistent, lovely, and such a needed anchor.
Your contributions to the world are amazing, and I love the support and recognition you're giving to the problem of depression and suicide.
You know what's interesting? As a parent, even after the teen's problems are all apparently lifted, it becomes so hard to breathe. I'm going to plant a sunflower bed this year, stand in it, think of your pretty flowers, and. just. breathe."
                                                    signed Anonymous. 

I got this beautiful note from a reader last month emailed to me as she wanted to post anonymously but my blog won't allow anonymous comments. I think she describes the feeling very well don't you? When anguish and concern grip you so crushingly and it's not until months later you suddenly realise you haven't taken a breathe and your rib cage is locked in a band so tight. You dare not risk the intake of breathe in case it muffles the warning sound that we listen for, the sign, the clue. 
Our children are so precious and a part of us like any organ of our body, is it any wonder we stop breathing!
I shared this sweet message with another mother who needed to be reminded to breathe. It is unlikely she will ever fully again but if she can find at least one moment in every week to take one breathe then I think she might survive. She must survive, for she holds her breathe for the children that remain.
Without a doubt youth suicide also changes the lives forever of siblings too.

The sunflower seeds are still available for sale for a couple of weeks more and can be purchased via the "Jubilee Jumble" button at the top of the page. The money from the seeds go to the Nettlefold Foundation to assist youth depression and fight suicide. Read about Ed's legacy and story here.
I have found it hard to manipulate the postage cost on this site and have found it calculates too much when people buy multiple packets. The price for posting one packet is right and I think I have it right for two but I have simply found it very easy to refund any excess postage straight back to the buyer. If you are in doubt and want to confirm a postage cost just email me (link is on my profile)

I would like to also thank you all for your kind comments and support. Sometimes it's easy to think you are alone because you can't "see" anyone out there but then I get those lovely comments and you know what? I see YOU.
And as for you dear anonymous, you are a great mother and I would love nothing more than to throw you feet first into the biggest, sunniest paddock of sunflowers

This year I have chosen a mantra to live by. It is the secret of Happiness and I will probably bring it up time and again throughout the year.

The secret of happiness is;

Someone to Love
Something to Do
Something to Hope For


  1. I can't wait for spring to come so I can plant out my seeds and sit amongst the sunflowers. They are indeed the best reminder to breathe amidst it all x

  2. I've got my sunflower seeds ready and waiting for planting when the time is right. I like to plant mine about twelve weeks before Christmas so that they're in full bloom for mid-summer.

  3. Each season has it's own treasures and with spring upon us, gardening fills my dreams with hopes of big juicy vegetables to fill my shelves come fall. It is why I could never live anywhere that didn't have seasons filled with changes in weather.


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