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Friday, September 23, 2011

Vitamin D

I have something important to tell you while we wander in my spring garden.

Do NOT take it for granted that because you are regularly in the garden you are making enough vitamin D from the sun. 
Vit D is important for calcium absorption and the creation of strong bones.

A chance inclusion in my routine blood test revealed that I have a severe deficiency. 
My doctor was calling me in for an immediate consult and a bone density test which revealed that I already have a loss of bone density.
Not cool.
I thought my constantly "broken feet" hobble was because of too many years retailing!

Especially if you live in Tasmania, 
or extreme northern areas,
please talk to your doctor about vitamin D.

It was the last thing I expected.
It's probably one of the least talked about vitamins.
I am on a massive 80 000ius a week and have every confidence that my level will be much improved in a few months when we check it again.
For more information about Vit D see here.


  1. Oh that's no good Tanya.

    Thank you for the prompt, it is something I have not considered...

    Hope you get back in control of your health real soon :)

  2. Your garden is so pretty Tanya. Another friend has recently found out that she is lacking Vitamin D too. The supplements have made such a difference to her wellbeing as well as the health of her you she had no idea she was deficient in D.

  3. Oh no Tanya... that is a large dose of Vit. D.

    I was phoned by the hospital when I was pregnant and told that one of my blood tests showed I was low on iron. I've been taking some supplements since... and I live in Perth where there is loads of sun!!!

  4. I guess you are far south .. 42 parallel?? That's farther south than I am north .. and we have such little sunlight in winter. This always worries me .. maybe it's time for a check up at the doctors. Thanks for the good advice.

  5. my doctor did make a point of saying to me being in the sun was not enough it had to be on your skin this was when my levels were at the lower end of normal. Hard in our winters and also our blazing summers so I am making the most of it now whit some shorter sleeves most days. I do hope you are feeling better soon Tanya.♥

  6. Tanya, my levels are very low too. Did the doc give you a reading, I would be interested to compare it with mine, as I had no instructions as to what to take.. I did an experiment, no sunscreen, heaps of exposure as I am working on the farm, and now I have very low levels.. I don't think the body converts well. Low levels can also have an impact on immunity and can lead eventually to a greater risk of dementia.. It's so important that everyone gets their levels checked..

  7. Good lord...hope your alright!!! I Better get out in the garden today then.

  8. Hey...i am going to start a blog post swap that has the idea "breath better - feel better" all about ways to make your life better...whether its health, making/crafting something to be more socially responsible or emotional well would you like to do the first swap?

  9. Just stopping by here a little late - but I'm going to add this anyway! I'm in Tassie too and although I was living in Northern NSW until 3 years ago, my D levels were low when checked Nov 2010. I've been taking a large weekly dose along with some other natural supplements and I feel SO much more alive!!! It's definitely worth getting your levels checked before it leaves some lasting damage.


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