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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Price of Lard and Dripping

Do my eyes deceive me?
This is what I saw in one of the large chain store supermarket where the prices are supposedly down.
Prime Lard.....$13.40/kg
Come on! It's pig fat for goodness sake.
And next to it,
Prime Dripping......$11.20/kg
From your roast....
Are you seriously telling me that people will pay MORE for fat, a normally waste by-product, than they would for many meat cuts.
This is what happens when you ditch your friendly butcher and support the Big 2. They have so much of the market now and have squeezed out the little guys.
People get your dripping pots out.
Get back to your butchers.
But remember, all things in moderation.
P.S. If you would like to know more about rendering go here


  1. I agree. There are some fats that are wonderful to save. I never buy dripping or lard as olive oil is our choice due to familial health reasons.

    Also you have an excellent point. We have had three butchers set up and cease trading in our area this year. They need our support. Maybe if we boycotted the big chains the prices could come down too. I probably have my head in the clouds about that. We use little meat these days. For example a 1.2kg chicken will feed six with leftovers.

  2. What is going on at Woollies lately? The other day I saw the tiniest chocolate mousse for almost $6! Two spoonfuls at the most. Then there is the Chinese frozen vegetables debacle.

  3. Crazy prices.
    Don't think we can buy lard here in NZ, never seen it anyway - just the beef 'dripping'. I always save the dripping from fried bacon.

  4. I get beef fat for rendering .. and about 10 pounds of meat free beef bones for roasting and making delicious/nutritious beef stock. When you buy from a ranch .. And you buy by the quarter/half or whole animal .. might as well get parts other than meat.


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