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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spreading The News

Yesterday was a wonderful day spent travelling the western Tamar region distributing flyers about the "Living Better With Less" course I am starting in a few weeks.
We travelled through Legana, to Exeter and then out to Glengarry

Above is the Winkleigh Uniting Church well maintained and painted with startling cobalt blue trims.
If you click on the photo for a larger view, you will see a drift of yellow in the rear right paddock. It's a mass of gorgeous sunny daffodils.

We took the Winkleigh road through Flowery Gully, one of my favourite drives that makes me involuntarily smile to see lush pastures, good herds, rolling hills and valleys and trees. It has to be said also that there is a couple of small quarries along this road too but I see all these things in unison as healthy diversification. 

The flowering orchards are breathtaking,

and the landscape at the moment certainly lives up to the name of Flowery Gully

Then on to Beaconsfield (now our very famous gold mining town) where I was able to put up some more flyers. A little bird tells me that there is soon to be a quality coffee shop at the Tamar Foods Co. shop in the main street as you come into town.
Beautiful holly thick with red winter berries. For certain a safe haven for birds nesting.
Our route takes us back to Exeter along the main highway and again the locals are happy and keen and readily offer to put up flyers. My favourite hardware store is situated in Exeter and I noticed it was well stocked with Fowlers rings, lids and clips but come summer it will dwindle so my advice would be to get in now for any supplies you need. I have asked them to try to get some seals for the pint bottle for cordials and sauces so fingers crossed.

One final stop before commitments took us back to town was the Tresca Community Centre.
I parked the car and looked up and about 5' in front was a sign where a little creeklet runs through.
(click on the photo)
Made me smile. Common sense really but some people have to be told because I think we forget nature and it's cycle of life. The area is a great environment for leeches and insects. It's a good environment for the frogs with plenty of food. The snakes come for the frogs. What a happy complete little eco-system. Nice to see some spots that humans haven't over run.
I have to say the difference between small community people and the city ones has been extremely different. There was a much more relaxed and accepting attitude. They were friendly and keen to support and see community projects as a natural part of their way of life.
How beautiful, their country and lifestyle.


  1. Hey Tanya, isn't that orchard bloomin' beautiful.

    What a wonderful drive you had, love the little church building too
    Bit of a worry if you have to be told of the possibility of snakes and leeches in the creek area...........

    Sounds like you're getting the word out about your classes.

    Beautiful, sunny day here, I hope you are enjoying the same,

    Claire :}

  2. I love this area in Tassie, a friend of mine has a shack up at Green's beach a little further on from where you were I think. After seeing these gorgeous shots of how pretty it is there right now, I am going to nag her about our girls weekend up there which we were meant to take.

  3. I'm loving the flowering orchards, beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the little tour of your part of the world :) I enjoyed seeing all the spring blooms .. we're just entering autumn.

  5. Thank you for taking me to Flowery Gully...what a lovely name and I am thinking of naming a walking area on my farm this. So much in the simple name!!

    Thanks for the beautiful window into your world!

    New Mexico


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