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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sign Of The Time

The rhododendrons are blooming now and making a very fairy garden sort of show at Punchbowl Reserve with daffodil drifts and lacy blossom trees. How can anyone fail to feel the shift in energy around them as everything begins again anew. 
I have quite a few rhodoes and each one blooms at it's own time marking the progression from September through till early December. These are the subtle ways we mark the flow of time and season, so much nicer and gentler than the rigid marks on the calendar.
But calendars are a must and I am feeling the countdown to the classes in a few weeks and have been busily printing and distributing flyers and organising class material.
It's very exciting.
Another sign of our time though is very apparent in the faces I approach with my flyers. When I explain it's a not for profit series and the $5/lesson is just to cover hall hire etc. I am met with baffled faces, sometimes even suspicious. It would seem that we live in a time where it is rare for people to want to simply share or just do something for the community. I am optimistic though that in my life time we will see a return to smaller community living and networking. I don't think we will have any choice but to live like that again. 
So for this week remember;
"Smiles are contagious"


  1. Our hot pink rhodies have just arrived too, it seemed to happen all of a sudden. Hope the series goes well, sounds great!

  2. Oh Tanya, Punchbowl reserve sounds absolutely beautiful......I love Rhododendrons.

    Spring is such a lovely time of year although today is overcast and showery it's still very beautiful.

    I certainly hope a lot of people take you up on your classes Tanya. Should be very informative and for only $5.00 a class....... it's a winner.

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  3. My rhodos come later. Looking forward to my hot pink on which was a massive splash of colour last year. (Typed while smiling!)

  4. Community is so important. I love that you're facilitating such classes. Sharing is caring.


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