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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sent Away At 14yrs old

Our bus trip this week took us through Campbell Town which is about 68km south of Launceston.
This is a picture of The Grange built in 1847.
 The Elizabeth River and Campbell Town were named by Governor Macquarie after his wife Elizabeth Campbell.

One of the attractions in Campbell Town is the convict trail of bricks, telling the stories of those who were sent to Australia as convicts.
Can you imagine a 14yr old being convicted and sent on a boat across miles and miles of ocean to a land not even properly established. Months and months at sea, the risk of not even making it to the destination.
14yrs old!
Never to see family and home again.
No phones, no mail, no email, no television images, no photos in wallets.
Can you imagine it happening to your child?
Makes the world a vast, lonely place.

Story after story stretched for metres and metres up both sides of the street.
Many of them so young. Many probably just trying to feed a family.


  1. Tragic and awful, what a dreadful thing to do to people. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. Tanya this post brought back so many memories. Last year DH and I stopped in Campbell Town as it was where my MIL's father was born. He enlisted in the Tasmanian army and fought in the Boer war. We spent ages in the graveyard up on the rise but couldn't find any graves of the 'White family'. Also spent ages reading those bricks too...very sad circumstances some of them.


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