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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bed Full of Sunshine

Yesterday was clear blue skies and a soft spring breeze. A perfect day to take the bed outside for it's annual spring clean. 
There is nothing like sunshine to cleanse and freshen.
The ensemble base went out too!
I propped them against dining chairs on the back cement to allow maximum sunshine and breeze.
They were also lightly misted with the clove oil mixture too just in case there were any mould spores.

The thick woollen underlay was washed in the machine on a gentle cycle and dried on the clothes line with the breeze lifting the pile and making it all downy and fluffy again.
By late afternoon, everything was reassembled and smelling so fresh.
The smell of sunshine is as unique and elusive as that special baby smell.
For summer I usually change the sheets to lighter colours and lots of cooling white but we are not quite there yet with our cool nights still dipping to frosty mornings, so Autumnal colourings were back in place.
Not a matchy matchy set, because I always buy linen when it is on sale and match as I can with leftover ranges. I don't mind.
It's always the best sleep when on fresh sheets and I eagerly anticipate it.
The good books on the side of the bed at the moment are very revealing of a garden that accepts only edibles now and the garage that holds a plane under construction!
Sweet dreams....


  1. I know exactly what you mean - the smell of fresh sunshine is wonderful. Yay for your spring clean.

    Happy sleeping :)

  2. Wow, I think sleeping on that bed tonight will be so sweet, I agree there is nothing like that smell of pure freshness. Gotta get that clove oil,we have one room where there is some major mould going on under the floor and wall. Luckily this is a storage room but, the thought of these spores scares me. I believe it is triggering asthma and bronchitis in me, I feel it may drive me to have to move.Just my sob on mould.

  3. Hey Tanya, you can't beat sundried sheets. Love the fresh, crispness of freshly laundered sheets...........

    Might have to stick our mattress out in the sun as well. Better not do it when the chooks are out roaming the yard as they'll end up perched on top of it, hehe.....

    Oh, maybe I won't do it tomorrow, it's only going to be 14 deg. and a bit damp, hmmm.......

    Claire :}

  4. Let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, open up your heart and let the sun shine in...

    I love simple photos like this, and the smell of freshly washed and dried linen.


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