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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something To Lift The Black

I wear a lot of black.
It's slimming don't you know.
I bought this beautiful necklace with re-purposed vintage beads and bobs last week from Kate.
I love the way she puts the eclectic designs together and the sensitive use of antiqued chains and jump rings.
It's fun jewellery but not out of my age range like so much is. 
I bought this from the Longford Maker's Market but Kate also has a shop called
Click on the picture for a closer look.
Her mother's post with more pictures of Kate's jewellery is here
Well done Miss Kate, I have enjoyed wearing it very much, thank you xxx.


  1. Love the vintage twist on the jewellery, very groovy..I wear black on cooler days to soak up the sunshine!!

  2. Oh Katie is going to be so excited to see this Tanya.

  3. Kate's necklace looks fab against your black jumper Tanya, I love that little hit of yellow...she is certainly one talented kiddo x

  4. Her jewellry was the one thing that really took my eye at the market ... am going to have to get one ... this looks fantastic!

  5. I like the necklace .. and black always compliments silver hair .. so I've found out!


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