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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shall I Call It Annie

This old letterbox is well over 25 years old. 
It had it's last makeover probably 15 years ago when it was painted federation green. 
I screwed on some shiny brass numbers on the front and was very proud of myself.
It got kicked about 9 years ago by one of the local boys.
Poor defenceless letterbox.
He really made it loose on it's support as it was never cemented in. He also gave it a good crack in the front....
but it hung in there.
Coming home today, with a light rain finally falling from leaden skies, I spied a bright spot up ahead as the wipers swished droplets aside.
It was like a beacon in a black and white world calling me home.
The numbers are once again cheery and gleaming and it has a new sturdy black metal stand.
It looks so fine that I am expecting the postman to drop a note of congratulations in the box tomorrow.
It's so optimistic and happy. 
This is what my happy red letterbox reminds me of.


  1. so he's had a hard knock life? lol. Love LOVE this song xx

  2. Oh Amanda! That is hilarious!

  3. Loved this post...and the song...and the letterbox! :-)

  4. I think red revives anything, I love that it makes you think of Annie.

  5. too sweet! little bit of Annie cheer makes us all smile. We have written letters to the postman before, the visitor you never really get to chat to.

  6. It does look cheery.
    I laughed at the thought of the postman leaving you a note of congratulations!


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