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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camellias Give Way to Erlicheer

This week in the vase are Erlicheer Jonquils (and a Daff) with some greenery cut from a native shrub of some sort.....
please read the comments below in case Lee stops by and refreshes our memory on this lemon scented white star flowering in late winter shrub.....
As you know I have been hit with the Spring Cleaning bug and was about to start a new project when Craig put in a special request that he would like to see his desk please.
He hasn't seen it in quite a few months and I think he has been most patient.
It has been buried under the overflow of sewing and crafting.
I was too embarrassed to take a before picture so there is no point in showing you an after,
suffice to say,
mission accomplished and I feel really good about it and Craig was so proud. I think secretly he doubted it could be done in a day.
The upshot is that I have had to do a little re-thinking about some of my treasures and feel that a couple of things should go to really good homes so tomorrow I am going to have a give away.
Come back tomorrow and enter if you are so inclined and it would really help me out.


  1. hey cheeky - niiiiiiice flowers !
    you are going to have to give me closeups !
    I'm thinking Waxflower - Eriostomen.

    Cleaning - blah !
    I'm still saying "positive spatial usage" - but good luck with your giveaway - better not be them wabbits - don't forget to take a photo of the desk surface ;)

  2. We've got the same idea then Tanya...I'm thinking it's about time my Blue willow china pieces found new homes too! My girls don't want them, they have announced lol!


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