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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pina - by Susie McMahon

Something very special and exciting happened to me this week.
I won a competition over at Susie McMahon's blog last week and this little baby is my prize.
She was hand delivered to work today.
I realised that my hands were trembling with excitement when I was unwrapping her.
I have called her Pina.
There are so many talented artists and craftsmen living in Tasmania (I know! It was a random draw competition and she got a local! Usually it is someone internationally placed)
Susie is an extraordinarily talented woman with many varied skills from music to art to spinning.....
and she is also an honourable green living woman with intimate connections to her community.
Primarily and very much internationally, Susie is known for her doll making. Each one is a work of art and ethereal beauty.
and if you have not seen her work before you will be in for a treat at the sheer range of her work.
My little Pina is from Susie's Zozie range.

She wears her heart right out in front for everyone to see and feel.

She has pink tipped ears, fingers and toes and a bellybutton.
The detail in the feet and hands is so charming.
Her little face is cast from one of Susie's moulds that she makes and is hand painted.
It struck me as I looked at her  in the flesh for the first time,  (Pina that is; I was fortunate to meet Susie sometime ago see this post "Etsy Party Night") how much this doll actually looks like Susie herself...well not the ears....but Susie also has large luminous wide set eyes that are a strong focal point of her face. 
I wonder if Susie realises that?
She is not going straight to the pool room but she is going to a special place in a crystal glass fronted cabinet that will protect her from dust etc. so she will be enjoyed for generations. 
She is more than a doll; she is an art piece and now a family heirloom.


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  2. Well done Tanya, what a great prize!
    I went to art school with Susie.
    Tropical regards from Innisfail!

  3. How lovely; congratulations on your win! Pina has certainly gone to a loving home! :-)

  4. What a fantastic win!
    The detail is amazing.

  5. OOOOO you are sooo lucky. That is sooo beautiful!!! I now realise that is what i have been trying to create myself these last couple of days...its sooo much better than mine!!!
    Well done

  6. Congrats on your win Tanya..........Pina is just gorgeous, her face is stunning.
    I love her little stripy body and the heart in pocket, sooo sweet.

    Susie, is one very talented lady..........

    Do you have a pool room Tanya, hehe........

    Claire :}

  7. Hi Tanya,
    It was a real pleasure to hand-deliver your doll - and thanks for writing such nice things!

    The name "Pina" is very sweet - you are good at names - I might have to hire you!

  8. Tanya, you are soooo lucky.. Little Pina is adorable..


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