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Friday, August 12, 2011

Roasted Ricotta Slices

Thanks to Sitting On Top Of Our World for the suggestion above.
Remember a couple of weeks ago I was working through piles of ricotta.
Silverhill suggested slicing the ricotta and then roasting it in the oven and using it for antipasto platters.
I did not add oil or anything, just roasted it in a moderate oven until it browned and enjoyed it with my home cured olives. It reminds me a little of grilled haloumi and the texture is wonderful.
Do try this as it is so easy and something different to add to your platters and relatively low fat. 


  1. I love how the saltiness really comes through when you roast it.

  2. Hard to take !
    And ricotta so easy to make, this is VERY tempting :)


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